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The Health Benefits of Chocolate ?

YES, it's true, high quality Plain Dark Chocolate is now known to have positive health benefits. Eating 50 grams (2oz's) a day of plain dark chocolate with a minimum cocoa content of 70% or more, can be beneficial to your health.

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Chocolate and health


Yes, it's true, Chocolate which is high in cocoa solids (70% or more) is now recognised as having many qualities that are beneficial to health, 

  • Chocolate contains essential trace elements and nutrients such as iron, calcium and potassium, and vitamins A. B1, C, D, and E. 

  • Cocoa is also the highest natural source for Magnesium. Magnesium deficiency is linked with hypertension, heart disease, diabetes, joint problems and pre-menstrual tension (PMT or PMS). 

There are benefits in Chocolate for both men and women:

  • The high Magnesium content of Chocolate is beneficial for the Cardiovascular System and hypertension.

  • It's a pre-menstrual drop in progesterone levels which is responsible for the violent mood swings familiar to so many women (and their families), adding magnesium to a sufferers diet has been proved to increase pre-menstrual progesterone levels, thus helping alleviate the symptoms. 


It's a fact that plain dark chocolate products containing a minimum 70% or more cocoa solids are the healthiest and the best way to satisfy a craving for chocolate, without consuming too much sugar and saturated fat or HVO. If your a Milk Chocolate lover, choose products with a minimum of 40% cocoa solids. Unfortunately white chocolate is by far the unhealthiest but if you must, look for a minimum 30% cocoa butter.

Chocolate lovers go wrong by choosing cheap (& not so cheap)  "brand name" or other chocolate or chocolates, low in chocolate solids (ave is less than 20% cocoa solids, but some cake coverings can contain less than 7%), all are high in sugar, saturated fats and other health hazards such as HVO (Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil) and consequently can be disastrous for both teeth and health. 

Incidentally, filled chocolates, both the commercial variety and (sadly) many handmade varieties, are some of the worst culprits with fillings consisting almost exclusively of flavoured Fondant and Praline, fondant is virtually 100% sugar and pralines can be just as bad.


If you love chocolates, Janet has developed her fillings using no added sugar, all are high in cocoa solids, typically with much less sugar than that found in fondant fillings. She covers the centers with only the finest chocolate covertures, typically containing 72%+ cocoa for plain chocolate, 43% cocoa for milk chocolate and 30% cocoa butter for white chocolate.

They are not only deliciously different, but the fillings generally contain far less sugar than many 'Brand Name' and other chocolates, and eating less sugar is definitely healthier.

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