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Is chocolate an Aphrodisiac? Find out here...

Chocolate the aphrodisiac

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Aphrodisiac Chocolate, Does it really exist?

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Chocolate's reputation as an Aphrodisiac originated in South America over fifteen hundred years ago, where it was thought to have mystical and aphrodisiac qualities by both the Mayan and Aztec cultures. The Aztec emperor Monteczuma, who had 600 or so wives to keep happy, is reputed to have drunk fifty golden goblets of chocolate a day to enhance his sexual prowess. So when chocolate was discovered by the Spanish Conquistadors and introduced to Europe by Cortez, it was natural that the Spanish, and eventually the rest of the world, continued to associate it with love. The reasons for this can be seen in the observed effects of chocolate on human behavior.

Chocolate is a very complex food source, so complex in fact that scientists are only now beginning to unlock it's secrets. Among it's many other constituents, chocolate has been found to contain substances called Phenylethylamine and Serotonin, both of which (put simply) are mood lifting agents. Both occur naturally in the human brain and are released by the brain into the nervous system when we are happy and also when we are experiencing feelings of love, passion and/or (dare I say it?) lust. This causes a rapid mood change, a rise in blood pressure, increasing the heart rate and inducing those feelings of well being, bordering on euphoria usually associated with being in love (or lust).

Eating chocolate also releases Phenylethylamine and Serotonin into the system, producing those same euphoric effects. This phenomenon has been scientifically observed, so it's not unreasonable to assume that it's probably these effects which gave rise to chocolates reputation as an aphrodisiac. Both substances can also be mildly addictive, which probably explains why chocoholics are chocoholics. Plus eating Chocolate gives an immediate and substantial energy boost, thus increasing sexual stamina.

Recent research suggests that women are more susceptible to the effects of Phenylethylamine and Serotonin than men but, although the famous lover Casanova is said to have consumed chocolate for it's aphrodesiac qualities before frolicking with his conquests, he obviously didn't know this as there's no mention of him giving chocolate gifts to, or sharing it with, the ladies, maybe he thought his charms alone were enough to guarantee success. 

So there you have it, calling Chocolate an aphrodisiac may be stretching it a bit, but eating chocolate does make you feel good and can actually induce or 'mimic' the feelings of being in love... So, aphrodisiac or not, if you want to ensure a loved one’s everlasting devotion, regular gifts of chocolate are the way to do it and you can’t do better than gifts of Janet's chocolates, handmade, specially for you and your loved ones!

Fancy doing a bit of scientific research? Click here to order a chocolate delivery, a gift of chocolates will certainly earn a few 'brownie points' with your other half and, you will have a great time trying it out to see if it really is an aphrodisiac, so you can't go wrong.  It's a 'Win Win' situation!

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Chocolate has long had the reputation for being an Aphrodisiac, the Aztec's certainly believed in chocolate as an aphrodisiac, as did Casanova who is said to have eaten chocolate for it's aphrodesiac qualities. In the modern world, aphrodisiac or not, there is no doubt that Chocolate is the preferred romantic gift of love from a man to a woman.

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